Exceptional Interior Design Unifies Style & Purpose.

With a mission to create unique environments, TAM Studio offers a full Interior Design package tailored to client’s vision, style and budget for both residential and commercial projects. Our comprehensive interior package includes all design stages from concept to creation and completion.

Your Space is Unique, Your furniture Should be Too.

Our Furniture-Design specialists can help you design and create bespoke furniture pieces with a distinctive language and a conceptual narrative that connects to you. We offer our clients a full package from design development, material selection to manufacturing & Installation.  

 ‘A commissioned piece will feel part of your life in a way something from a shop never could.’ 



Built By Us, Created By You.

Bring your design ideas to life ; Our diverse customization solutions, range of materials, fabrics and finishes and short lead-time provides you with all the elements that you need for a winning project.